Jodi Arias

I have a healthy, yes I said healthy, obsession with watching ‘In Session’. I have gone through the Michael Jackson case, Casey Anthony, Scott Peterson, and a few others that didn’t get as much publicity. I’m sure if I would of understood and was old enough, I would of watched the OJ Simpson case.

I do not find any of this boring. There is something about knowing more than a jury. To see evidence, wittnesses, watch people argue each side, that gets me excited.

The fact that Jodi Arias is on the stand testifying is just fucking awesome. I mean think about it, how many people attempt to plead not guilty, but never once defend their self on the stand?

Btw, I don’t care about how abused you were as a child, or how messed up your life is, or the fact you claim you take abuse for a financial stability. There are WAY more people, who have gone through worse, having to become homeless to get away from the abuse. Getting a belt or wooden spoon is called discipline. Behave and there won’t be a problem. At least you weren’t punched, beaten to dear life, burned intentionally, locked into a closet, attic or basement to slowly be starved to death, reach the age of 5 to have never learn to walk, socialize, talk or potty train. Those people never went off, slit a man’s throat, stab him between 27-29 times and shoot him in the head to finish the job. Go cry your sob story to someone else. No sympathy here.

Well that nice post became a rant. Oops. You get my point. Crazy bitches be some crazy bitches. I’m gonna blame the west coast air for now. Yeah the east coast has Casey Anthony, but she’s more than a crazy bitch, she was just a selfish sadistic fuck.

Note: I don’t automatically side with prosecutors. There have been cases I’ve watched where I have sympathy to the defendants. Just not gonna sat who…
I LOVE you MJ, R.I.P

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